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Life & Academic Coaching

Get To know each other session

Our initial consultation is complimentary and lasts 30 minutes. This is where an assessment is done to plan a path forward towards success. This can be done on the phone, online, or in person.

Fruition - Single Session

$75 — A single session lasts 55 minutes. You have a short term goal you need to reach, but need a shove and some accountability. This might be just what you need to make it happen.

perennial - 5 session package

$360 -You have a habit you want to break. You want to realign your values or make a change. Let’s make it happen! Some real questions and honest answers might be just want you need!

Deep-rooted - 10 session package

$710 -You want to make a serious change in your life. You want to work on you and grow as a person. Let’s start now. We’ll start with your goals in mind and design actionable steps to get you there.


If you find yourself needing to touch base mid-way between sessions, you can text me!

“ I found Michelle to be extremely easy to open up to. It was refreshing to talk to her while trying to maneuver through a very difficult spot in my life. I appreciated the fact that when talking to her, it was like she was trying to help me find the answers that were in my own head all along.”

A. Green